Meet Our Instructors

The heart and soul of Excel Academy guiding your journey in Martial Arts.

Bennie Gonzalez

Master G, a distinguished 6th-degree black belt, has been the cornerstone of Excel Academy for nearly four decades. Training numerous champions, his approach is grounded in humility and a deep passion for martial arts education. His dedication to student development has shaped the academy's legacy.

Rosie Wollenberg

Master Rosie, a beacon of Excel Academy since 1996, uniquely combines warmth and resilience. With extensive experience in Point Fighting and Kickboxing, she's not only Master G's top instructor but also a nurturing mother. Her son often joins her in practice, embodying the family spirit of our academy.

Nate McGehee

Known as Master Hollywood, Nate has been a dynamic force in our academy for 15 years. With his expertise in Creative forms and Weapons, particularly CMX, along with being a global competitor and coach, Nate's commitment to sharing his love for martial arts energizes and inspires the next generations of our students.

Jacqi Brady

With 11 years in martial arts and proudly wearing her 2nd-degree black belt, Jacqi's passion is palpable in sparring and kickboxing. As the dedicated JBBlitz instructor, she emphasizes mobility and strength, fostering an environment where students can develop their skills and confidence at Excel Academy.

Macs Mangrum

An esteemed member for a decade, Macs is a dedicated 2nd-degree black belt, eagerly anticipating his 3rd degree. Specializing in Sai, he brings a unique blend of skill and passion to his Thursday and Saturday classes, significantly contributing to the martial arts journey of our students here at Excel Academy.

River Burfield

River, with a decade of Tae Kwon Do experience, excels in forms and sparring, and loves teaching Tiger Tots. She treasures the community aspect of martial arts, finding joy in the connections made and lessons learned. Her enthusiasm and dedication to teaching at Excel Academy of Tae Kwon Do resonate deeply with each of her students.

Cathy Cusick

Ms. Cathy, affectionately known as Ms. Crazy, brings a vibrant energy to Excel Academy with her 16 years in Taekwondo. As a 2nd-degree black belt, she teaches a range of classes, from Tiger Tots to advanced belts. Known for her love of pandas and working on cars, Ms. Cathy is passionate about nurturing the potential in each and every child.

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